February 2, 2023
sign up for GoToMeeting

How to Sign Up for GoToMeeting Account for Free

When you sign up for GoToMeeting, you get access to a platform that allows its users to host video conference calls and meetings with ease. GoToMeeting has become one of the popular platforms people, as well as companies, use to communicate with their employees or team members virtually. There are many things signing up to GoToMeeting can offer its users- you can use it for teleconferencing, sales demonstrations, or even interviews. It is a great tool for companies whose employees are not located at the same place; it is a more cost-effective way people living in different places can meet together without having to worry about traveling and accommodation expenses. 

One of the features that make GoToMeeting a good platform for teleconferences and video calls is that it can be used on any device and browser and it is very easy and has a great user interface. Although, GoToMeeting has a paid platform that gives users access to a variety of features that helps to improve their experience, the free version of the platform also contains amazing features for users to also have an amazing experience when using the platform. You can decide to use the 14-day free trial or you can decide to sign up for the paid version.  Some of the features the site offers are that you can get access to high-quality video conferencing, you get the opportunity to share content on your screen while discussing in the platform, you can record the meeting, and lots more. You can download the GoToMeeting app on your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, and on your iOS devices for easy access and easy use.

You do not need to have an account if you are just participating in an already organized meeting, but you need to have an account for you to organize your own meeting.  This article will guide you on how to Sign up for GoToMeeting and also give you comprehensive detail about other things you need to know about the video conferencing platform.

Features of GoToMeeting

Some of the features the GoToMeeting platform offers its users include:

  1. Users get access to high-quality video conferencing. GoToMeeting offers high-definition video conferencing to its users, where you can organize your meeting, make your sales pitch, conduct your interviews, and still be seen and heard properly as if you are there present in the meeting venue.
  2. You can also share the contents of your laptop or desktop screen during discussions. 
  3. You can have more than one person in charge of the meeting. The meeting administrator can be shared or handed over to a different person with ease. You can also give another user control over the mouse or the keyboard and still retain your control as the general meeting administrator.
  4. There is an opportunity to record a meeting in case you miss anything.
  5. The GoToMeeting application is available for easy access for laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and more.

sign up for GoToMeeting

How to Sign Up for GoToMeeting

For you to organize a meeting on the GoToMeeting Platform, you need to first have an account. You can decide to use the free trial or you can opt for the paid version. To sign up for the GoToMeeting Free trial, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the GoToMeeting webpage on https://global.gotomeeting.com and click on the ‘start for free’ button.
  2. A page will open for you where you will need to fill out a short form to set up your trial account. Fill out the form with the information required of you.
  3. After filling out the form, click on ‘sign up to submit your information. 

Having done this, your trial account will be created. After setting up your trial account, you will be redirected to your GoToMeeting page where you can organize a meeting or you can join a meeting. For easy access to the site, download the GoToMeeting application on your device.

How to Set up a meeting on GoToMeeting

There are two ways you can set up a meeting on GoToMeeting. You can decide to set up a meeting through your Hub webpage or you can set up a meeting through your GoToMeeting desktop app.

How to set up a meeting using the Hub Page

To set up a meeting through your Hub page, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your GoToMeeting Hub Page on https://global.gotomeeting.com and click on ‘Create meeting’.
  2. After clicking on create a meeting, you will be taken to a new meeting screen where you will be required to fill out the details of your meeting, title, date, time, and duration.
  3. You can configure the audio and calling features of your meeting by clicking on the audio tab of the new meeting screen.
  4. You can also create a customized meeting link or change your meeting theme by clicking on the ‘personalize’ tab and also add other organizers of the meeting by clicking on ‘more’.
  5. After setting up your meeting to your preference, you can then save by clicking on the ‘save’ button. After saving, your new meeting will appear on your main hub page.

How to set up a meeting using the GoToMeeting Desktop app

To set up a meeting using the desktop app, just open the application and click on ‘Meet Now’ if you want to automatically create a meeting or ‘Schedule Meeting’ if you want to schedule a meeting in advance.

How to Join a Meeting After you Sign Up for GoToMeeting

Joining a meeting via video call

To join the meeting through video call, you need to first have the application on your device. When you have installed the application on your device, join by clicking on the invitation link sent to you. You can also open your mobile application and type in the meeting ID number in the invitation and click on ‘join’.

You can also join a meeting through the web app, just copy and paste the invitation link on your browser or you can type in the meeting ID number in the invitation.

Joining a meeting through phone call

You can also join a meeting through phone call. The person inviting you should offer a phone number to call if you want to join the meeting through phone call. To do this:

  1. Visit the GoToMeeting webpage using your web browser and type in the meeting ID number in the text box and submit.
  2. Click on ‘ok I’m ready’.
  3. Go to settings- click on audio click on ‘phone call’.
  4. You will be provided with a phone number you need to call and an Audio PIN.  Just call the phone number in the audio section using your phone, and then during the phone call, enter the access code and the audio PIN when prompted and you will be allowed to join the meeting once it has started.

I hope that this article on how to Sign Up for GoToMeeting was helpful? For questions and comments, kindly use the comment box below. Alternatively, you can contact us via detailed mail.

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