February 2, 2023
how to sign Up for Amazon Prime

How to Sign Up for Amazon Prime Account in 2022

This guide will teach you everything you need to know on how to sign Up for Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is a loyalty programme from Amazon that charges you a membership fee but then presents you with offers such as free shipping, free next-day delivery (on some orders), early access to certain Amazon sale offers, lightning deals, exclusive discounts, and also, access to Amazon Prime Video. It’s a pretty good deal overall considering you only pay a nominal price, and becomes especially lucrative when you realise it includes Prime Video streaming service too. Moreover, it gives you entry to attractive deals in Prime-exclusive sales. Wondering how to sign Up for Amazon Prime? We detail everything you need to know below.

What is the Membership Fee?

The Amazon Prime membership fee is Rs. 499 annually, a small sum to spend for the free shipping, bundled video streaming service, and discounts during sales. Moreover, users can opt for a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial, which entails all the benefits associated with the service without any costs involved. However, if a sale is about to start or is going on, such as the Amazon Prime Day Sale on July 10 and 11, you cannot sign for the free trial to the service.

How to Sign Up for Amazon Prime

Amazon lets you sign up for Prime and try it out for one month before you decide whether or not you want to pay for it, and if after a month you’re not interested, just don’t renew the subscription and you won’t be charged for it at all.

  1. Open the Amazon website or the Amazon app (Android | iOS).
  2. Sign in on the app or website if you haven’t already with your registered Amazon account.
  3. In the app, tap on the menu icon on the top left, and then tap on Try Prime. On the website, move your mouse over Try Prime and then click on Try Prime Free.
  4. Click or tap on Start your 30-day Amazon Prime free trial.

That’s it on how to sign Up for Amazon Prime! You’re now an Amazon Prime member. You will get unlimited free delivery, instant access to unlimited video streaming, and special deals just for Prime members.

This is absolutely free for the first month, so you don’t even need to enter your payment information at this point. After a month of using Amazon Prime, it will be added to your shopping cart automatically, and you can decide to pay for Prime from that point forward. The first month is completely free so you can check it out and decide if it’s worth it for you, and if you choose not to subscribe you don’t have to pay anything.

Is Amazon Prime worth it?

Are you asking yourself: “Should I actually sign up for Amazon Prime?” The answer is probably yes if you want to live in an estimated 59% of the homes in the United States. And, the snowball is still moving: US Postal Service data show that USPS package deliveries have gone up by more than 54% in the past five years, with Amazon accounting for much of it.

Also, you can take it from me: I’ve been a Prime member and devotee since 2006. We go way back.

So if you want free, one-day delivery on baby clothesseltzer watersleeping bagscat litter, and a million other things, or access to hundreds of TV shows and movies, both old and new, and a massive catalogue of songs, books, and other media, then you really should sign up for Prime.

You’ll also get access to deals on Prime Day, one of the biggest sale events of the year.

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