February 2, 2023
how to sell fast on Poshmark

How to Sell Products Fast on Poshmark

Poshmark is a social marketing marketplace where users in the US, Canada, Australia, and India can purchase and sell new and secondhand fashion, home goods, and electronics for women, men, kids, pets, and more. Like most persons, you probably have inventory that you can’t sell on Amazon. When people have difficulties with selling their products on Amazon, Poshmark is always a good alternative and that is why I have written this piece to show you how to sell fast on Poshmark.

I created my Poshmark account in 2019, and so far, I’ve sold 69 of the 88 shoe and clothing items that I listed. Because I’m not interested in being an active Poshmark seller, I just “list and forget” until I receive an email that one of my products sold.

Poshmark isn’t just for selling shoes and clothing though. You can also sell handbags, jewellery & accessories, new personal health products, and select items in the home, pet, and electronics categories.

In this post, I’ll go over Poshmark in more detail in addition to showing you how to sell fast on Poshmark. I hope it helps you decide if it’s the place for you to sell your excess Amazon inventory or household clutter. Some of you may even go a step further and focus on Poshmark as your primary online income stream.

Note: At this time, Poshmark is only available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and India. Since I live in the US, this blog post goes over how Poshmark works in the US.

How to Open an Account

If you’re ready to become a Posher (member of the Poshmark community) and learn how to sell products fast on Poshmark, then head over to Poshmark and fill out their sign-up form. Or, if you prefer, download their mobile app and join from your phone.

When I joined Poshmark five years ago, the process was quick and straightforward. To my knowledge, that hasn’t changed. When I researched today’s process, I didn’t get any indication that signing up is more difficult.

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How to List your Products on Poshmark – how to sell fast on Poshmark

Once you’re inside your account, just select the “Sell” link on your mobile app or the “Sell on Poshmark” link from your desktop account.

Next, you’ll follow the “Listing Form” prompts to add your product image(s), title, description, product category, size, quantity, and other details that describe your product. Then set your selling price and you’re done!

Product Images

Poshmark lets you have fun with your product images. Unlike Amazon, they don’t require your main product image to have a pure white background. Instead, they recommend that you create a BEAUTIFUL main image (cover photo) by modelling or styling the items.

Processing & Shipping Your Orders

When someone buys one of your items, Poshmark sends you an email with a prepaid shipping label. Then you’ll pack and ship your order.

When you’re packaging your order, it’s good practice to include a thank you note to your buyer. My notes are short and sweet.

For shipping, you can use plain brown boxes. However, I like using the free US Priority Mail Shoe Boxes.

Though not required, Poshmark expects you to ship within two days They want their sellers to provide good customer service and shipping in a timely manner is one way to do that. If two days isn’t enough time for you, try to ship as soon as possible because the buyer can cancel their order on the 7th day.

Poshmark Shipping Rates

One reason why I don’t use eBay or merchant-fulfil on Amazon very often is because of the shipping. I don’t enjoy calculating shipping rates and shipping options for each individual item.

Calculating shipping rates is so much easier with Poshmark. All you need to know is how much your package weighs:

So far, everything that I shipped has weighed less than 5 pounds, and I’ve never paid any shipping fees.

If your package weighs more than five pounds, then Poshmark charges you a Label Upgrade fee.

As for the buyer, they pay a flat fee of $7.67 on all their orders. They pay the $7.67 rate whether the package weighs more or less than 5 pounds.

Poshmark Selling Fees

Just like the shipping rates, the selling fees are straightforward:

  • Sales under $15.00: Poshmark takes a flat $2.95 fee
  • Sales of $15.00 or more: Poshmark’s commission is 20%

Unlike other marketplaces, there aren’t listing fees, credit card fees, referral fees, pick and pack fees, and other fees to figure out.

When Do You Get Paid on Poshmark?

When you get a sale, it’s to your advantage to shipping right away. That’s because YOU don’t get paid until the buyer receives their order.

Once they receive their order, Poshmark moves your earnings into your account. However, it’s important to note that they aren’t depositing your money into your checking account at this time.

To get the actual cash, you need to manually request that they do a direct deposit or mail you a check. You can also use your funds to buy something on Poshmark.

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Poshmark is a Social Marketplace

Poshmark is different from Amazon, eBay and Etsy in that it’s a social marketplace. In a way, it’s almost like social media because you have a “feed” of product images that you can like, comment on, and/or share. You can even follow other Poshers.

For example, the following image shows a pair of Vans that “big size shoes” just shared, and I saw it on my feed.

Follow and Share to Get More Traffic

I admit that my “list it and forget it” approach isn’t the best strategy on Poshmark.

In terms of selling, it has worked as I have sold close to 80% of my products. But in terms of getting QUICK sales, it has not worked. Some items have sat in both my physical home closet and my Poshmark closet (shop) for more than three years before getting sold.

I’m sure my slow sales have been due to not getting “many eyes” on my products. So, one strategy for getting more viewers is to follow others and share your products.

When you follow someone and they share an item, that product shows up on your feed. In reverse, the products that you share show up on the feeds of your followers.

So, the more followers you have, the more chances someone will see your product and either buy it or share it with their followers. In turn, those followers may buy the product, share it, or even follow you.

How do you get followers? By following others. When you follow someone, there’s a good chance that they’ll follow you back and this is vital in considering how to sell products fast on Poshmark.

Poshmark Listing Guide – how to sell fast on Poshmark

All in all, selling on Poshmark is a pretty easy process. Just remember to weigh your items, strive to ship within 2 days, and be social! There’s more to Poshmark (such as Posh Parties) than what I covered in this post, but at least now you know the basics of how selling on Poshmark works.

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