February 2, 2023
how to reset your PayPal password

How to Reset PayPal Password : A Step By Step Guide

This article would guide you through everything you need to know on how to reset your PayPal password. Every online platform usually provides users with a link to change or create a new password in case they forget their login account details.  Most time it is important to always change your password when you use your PayPal account frequently. But we found out that it has become challenging for many users to lose their accounts and in such cases, not know how to log in to their PayPal account with a new or old password.

But it was necessary that while creating your accounts online always make use of passwords you will always remember, although it’s important also that the password shouldn’t be simple for others to guess right, let the password be simple for you (the account owner).

This guide below will actually direct you on how to reset your PayPal password. It’s supper easy.

How to Reset your PayPal Password

The procedure on how to reset your PayPal password is confusing to many because the PayPal.com Login page does not have a “Forget Password” link, just like other website does. A link provision where you have to click to remember or create a new password account.

Well, PayPal also has the forget password but this time it is presented as: “Having trouble logging in?”. Asking you questions – about what you want and why you can’t log in account. This is how to reset your PayPal password fast:

  1. First, you have to visit the PayPal account Login page www.paypal.com
  2. Just try for the last time logging in again. But when you get a notice like: “Please check your entries and try again.” Then you have to Reset your PayPal.com Account Password by
  3. Clicking this link “Having trouble logging in?“. Then it opens on a new tab.
  4. The above Paypal reset account link will present to you THREE ISSUES:→that maybe you don’t know my password
    →or don’t know what email address I used
    →or don’t know either one (password and email account used for opening PayPal account)
  5. Since we are talking about resetting your Paypal account password then you are expected to select the first option “I don’t know my password
  6. Now, under it a box opens for you to enter your email account (please remember that you are expected to enter the main email account used for the creation of that PayPal account in question.
  7. Enter the CODE to prove you are not a robotHow to Reset PayPal Password
  8. Then click “Continue”
  9. Now you have to log in to your email account and click the link in the email to create a new password for your PayPal account.
  10. Confirm that you’re the owner of the account, using your credit card which you already linked to the account. You are expected to enter only the full card number. How to Reset PayPal Password
  11. Then a link opens to reset your account password.

Password Recovery Procedure Without Email Account

If maybe after following the steps above on how to reset your PayPal password and you claim not to have gotten the mail or you do not want to go through your email account then the ONLY alternative left is to try to confirm your PayPal.com account ownership through your Mobile Number. The link will be provided for that when you get to this level of how to reset your PayPal password.

That would be all on the PayPal account recovery procedure. If you’re still having difficulties or you have further questions on the topic, kindly contact us or drop your question in the comment box below.

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