February 2, 2023
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How to Improve Your Work Life Balance in 2022

People can be figured out through their habits, their schedule, and most importantly, their attitude towards maintaining a balance between their career and their private/social life, i.e., their work-life balance. A person who is overwhelmed by work is usually stressed and glum, while a person who is not doing enough at work is not usually trusted with additional responsibility and this results in a clog in one’s professional development. The key, therefore, is to improve your work life balance.

Having a productive work life balance includes growing healthy habits and this ensures that one can cope each day, allowing one to harness the best of both their career path and their social life. Attaining this balance involves the following:

How to Improve your Work Life Balance

  • Start

The first thing to do to improve your work-life balance is to start from the very beginning. Do not just plan and plan and procrastinate. Determine why you want this balance, and why you feel this way, and create a timetable for changing certain tasks that you feel would stop you from attaining the desired work-life balance. Once you are done with the timetable, implement it. Get to work on the activities mapped out and start executing them.

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  • Focus

Once you have started, you are to maintain focus if you truly mean to improve your work-life balance. Delete or freeze all the apps that distract you from work. Do not randomly reply to emails from work at home. Have a daily planner – it could be an app or a book. Give tasks an apportioned time, and do them within the apportioned time. Do not give in to the urge to relapse or make excuses, or do two tasks at the same time. They are not worth risking the work-life balance you are aiming towards.

  • Dissociate

In order to maintain focus after starting to improve your work-life balance, it is best to dissociate from old habits, routines that “can’t be helped”, and people that waste your time. You must not go to a movie premiere when you have cooking and cleaning on your timetable. You do not “have to” go to a club when you are supposed to be sleeping, and you do not have to “chill” with people during office hours.

  • Be Realistic

It is best to set executable tasks and goals, not the ones dreamed of. To achieve your desired work-life balance, you will have to make a timetable that is workable. When you create a timetable and you realise that there are clashes, or tasks that require less/more time than others, it is best to apportion the appropriate time to the task and to prioritise some activities. Do not take on more work than you can handle, and do not make promises that you cannot keep.

  • Relax

It is best to remember that the reason for wanting to improve your work-life balance is so as to enjoy a healthy mental state and be able to live a life undisrupted by clashes and deadlines and missed soccer matches. Take breaks. Enjoy what you do when working, and when you earn your well-deserved holiday, relax. Catch up with missed movies, travel, and reconnect. You are more productive with a free, unstressed mind.

  • Create a Consistent Healthy Itinerary

When creating a routine in order to improve your work-life balance, it is best to choose a healthy one. You cannot be well-rested with two hours of sleep, you cannot be sated with a cup of coffee, and you cannot be punctual if you do not live your house early. Quit chugging caffeine, and quit sleeping late. The recommended hours of sleep are six to eight hours, so it is advisable to sleep by 10 pm and wake up by 5 am. Make a habit of cooking healthy food and having time to enjoy the meal. Drive your family to school before going to the office. Exercise, read a book, listen to music, and take a walk each evening. A consistent routine is essential to a healthy work-life balance.

  • Accept the Balance

There is no balance if a person and the people or environment involved in the plan for balance do not accept it. To completely accept this balance, it is best to make sure that even if you have personally accepted it, the plans you are making do not disrupt another person’s schedule or work-life balance. This means that if you are not planning to reply to emails when it is not time to, you are to inform your colleagues or your employer that you will not be attending to them at certain times. It also means that you will agree with your family and friends on the best time for certain activities.

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  • Connect

Finding people to improve your work life balance with will create a sense of connection and promote consistency. A friend, to who you report your progress and who also reports to you, will keep you accountable. It is also beneficial to get advice from someone who has already gone further in creating a work-life balance and to seek these people out when it gets burdensome.

  • Constantly Evaluate

It is best to take out time each week or month to decide how far you have come and how you are still to go in improving your work-life balance. Analyse the activities that took place each week, how much time they took and if they can be done in less time, the distractions that arose and how to prevent them. It is also best to decide what drains you, when you are drained and when you need to rest or recondition. Deciding on a way of rest or an appropriate relaxing hobby, or adding/removing an activity, is also essential.


A consciousness to improve your work-life balance is most applaudable for a person, as this means that you are ready to take control of your life, your living, and your health. People who have a balanced work-life relationship are less prone to feeling dissatisfaction, and always have an edge over others. Following these steps and creating a reward system for ensuring the improvement of your work-life balance would be of immense benefit.

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