February 2, 2023
How to activate Great Runes Elden Ring

How to activate Great Runes Elden Ring: How long do Great Rune Last Elden Ring

How to activate Great Runes Elden Ring – As a gamer, you must have come across the Great Runes and might not know what it is or what to do with it.  The Great Runes are rewards you get when you defeat the major bosses of the Elden Ring game. For each major boss you take down in the game, there are rewards you get that improve your ability in the game. However for you to efficiently use the Great Runes, you have to activate them.

Like most games, you are never told how to use, get or activate this ring which is why this article is here to guide you about the Great runes and how to activate them. Let’s get to it.

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How to activate the Great Runes

Before you can use the Great Rune, you will need to first activate it. Activating it requires following some necessary steps which include:

  • Of course, the first step to activating the Great Rune is to get the ring first. To get your first ring, you will need to first defeat Godrick located at the heart of Stormveil castle. To activate your first great rune, you will need to locate a divine tower.
  • To locate the divine tower, you will need to use your map and follow the broken bridge that runs from the castle to the northeast. The divine tower is located at the end of that path.
  • Open the front gate of the Stormveil castle. You might have done so your first time through. To access the bridge you will first have to open the Stormveil castle front gate.
  • Crossing the bridge is going to be a difficult task because you will be faced with a lot of obstacles on the way. You will be faced with three massive golems two equipped with axes and one wielding a bow. When you have successfully escaped or defeated them, you will reach a teleport door automatically sending you to the front door of the Divine Tower. The door of the tower will only open if you have the ‘unactivated’ Great Rune. When you enter the door, take the elevator up. When you get to the top of the tower, you will see two dead fingers and a Great Rune floating above its corpse. That is where you will activate the Great Rune.
  • Once the Great Rune is activated, you will get +5 of all attributes.

There are other Great Runes in the course of playing the game. Some of the Great Rune does not need reactivation when you get it and each Great Rune has its own attributes. Other Great Rune you can get is the Great Rune of the Unborn, Radahn’s Great Rune, Morgoth’s Great Rune, Rykard’s Great Rune, Mohn’s Great Rune and Melania’s Great Rune.

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How to use Great Runes – How to activate Great Runes Elden Ring

After activating the Great Runes, you need to know how to use it. To use it:

  • After you have activated the Great Runes, the next thing to do is to visit the Site of Grace.
  • Click on ‘Great Runes’ and equip your Rune of choice to your slot. Note that just slotting your Rune will not give you any of the Runes attributes. You will need to use the ‘Rune Arc’ to utilize whatever power the Great Rune possesses.
  • The attributes associated with your Great Rune will stay active as long as you are alive. Once, you die, you will have to spend another Rune Arc if you want to regain bonuses. It is advisable that you save your Great Rune for challenging bosses.

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