February 2, 2023
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How Can I Sign Up to Skype for Free?

When you sign Up to Skype, you gain an opportunity to connect with your friends and family, your colleagues at work, and any other person you want to communicate with using the Skype platform. The purpose of Skype is to make life easier for people and give people who live far away from their loved ones the chance to communicate with them virtually by making high-quality calls. Skype is a popular platform that is used by different people from different parts of the world to communicate about things happening around them and to keep in touch.

There are many features that make Skype a unique platform, some of these features include: the ability to make group calls, you can communicate with people in different parts of the world from anywhere and at any time, you can also create a business Skype account for your business chats. Skype is also available for use on different types of devices including your mobile phones and your desktop computers.  Skype is completely free and with it, you get to make free unlimited calls- all you need to have is a device with a high-quality internet connection, an email address, a phone number, and a password.  Most mobile devices and laptops come with a webcam, so you don’t need to worry about buying a webcam except you are using a computer. You can also use Skype to send videos, photos, and other files as well as send text messages and create chat rooms using the Skype app. There are lots of things you can do when using the Skype Platform. For easy access, you can also download the Skype application on your mobile phone or your laptop. 

To perform all the activities you need the Skype platform for-you to need to first sign up to your account. Signing up for a Skype account is not difficult and you can do it by just following some simple steps. This article will give you the step by step instructions on how to sign up to Skype using your desktop or laptop and how to sign up to Skype using your mobile phone. 

Features of Skype

  1. Users of Skype can perform free voice calls and also carry out conference calls – where both the caller and the receiver of the call have the Skype app. You can also make calls using the Skype app to a phone number – this means that the person you are calling doesn’t have to have the Skype app, just a phone but this feature requires you to pay a small fee. 
  2. You can carry out screen sharing with up to 50 people at a time for free using Skype.
  3. Users can also perform high-quality free video calls using Skype. These calls can be done from anywhere in the world using the Skype app.
  4. There is an option to communicate using text to other Skype users using the Skype app. You can also create a chat room to communicate with a large number of other Skype users.
  5. Users can also use Skype to send photos, videos, and other files.

How to Sign up to Skype

You need to have a Skype account to be able to make calls or use the Skype platform. We are going to show the steps to follow in order to create a Skype account for your mobile phone and your desktop.

How to Create a Skype account on your phone

To create an account on your phone you need to download the Skype application on your mobile phone. You can do that by downloading it in the Google play store for Android phones and in the Apple store for iOS devices. To sign up using your phone, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Skype application on your mobile phone and click on ‘Create one’ to create an account.
  2. Provide your phone number or your email address to create an account. It is advisable to use your email address because it makes it easier for you to verify your account.
  3. Choose your preferred password. Choose a password that is strong and one that you can easily remember.
  4. Type in your first name and your last name and select your date of birth.
  5. Verify your Skype account by email by logging in to your email address. You will see an email from the ‘Microsoft account team’ containing a 4 digit code. Type in the code to the box presented on the Skype sign-up page and click on ‘next’. 
  6. Pass the reCaptcha test by inputting the letters presented to you into the box.

After completing the process above, you have successfully created a Skype account; you can then go ahead and grant the Skype app permission to access your microphone and your camera by clicking on ‘Allow’.

How to Sign up Using Desktop or Laptop

To sign up to Skype using your desktop or laptop, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Skype website at https://www.skype.com/en/  or open the Skype application on your laptop or desktop.
  2. Click on ‘create account’ and provide your email address or your phone number.
  3. Choose your preferred password. Make sure that your password is strong and easy to remember. Click on ‘next’. 
  4. Type in your first name and your last name, select your country or region and add your birth date. Click ‘next’.
  5. Type in the code sent to your email address. If you used your phone number, the code will be sent to your phone number. Click on Next.
  6. Pass the reCaptcha test to confirm that you are not a robot by typing in the four letters presented to you in the box.

After completing the steps above on how to sign Up to Skype, you can then log in to Skype and make the necessary changes you need then start enjoying the platform.

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