February 2, 2023
Dwolla Sign Up

Dwolla Sign Up – How to Sign up for Dwolla | dwolla.com Sign Up

Dwolla sign up allows you to access your Dwolla account which is an account you can use to receive, send and manage payments. Dwolla can be used by individuals or businesses to send, request or accept funds. With the Dwolla platform, users can easily transfer funds to their bank account, and businesses that accept transfers can also use the platform to accept money transferred from their customers’ bank accounts to their business bank accounts. One of the features of Dwolla is that it doesn’t require credit cards to facilitate transactions all you need is to connect to your bank account.  You can also receive payments on Dwolla without creating an account. Dwolla is a secured payment platform that ensures that your payment details and information is safe and secured and Dwolla also helps to reduce the cost of receiving payments for businesses. Dwolla makes the process of making payments easy by offering a digital wallet that allows users to hold funds in their Dwolla account and use the funds when they want to make payments thereby saving time. Users can also transfer this fund back to their bank account whenever they want to. You can link your Dwolla account to your social media accounts which allows you to search for and send money to your contact easily.

There are many benefits that come with using Dwolla as a payment platform for your business or as an individual -one of the advantages is that when you use the Dwolla platform, you pay a lower processing fee compared to using a credit card to make payments. Making a payment with the Dwolla platform is fast and convenient. You can also make automated payments using the Dwolla platform which makes it possible for you to make recurring payments. Dwolla also offers a white-label service where users can customize the platform based on the type of business. Dwolla also has a mobile application that allows sending and receiving easily accessible. You can still use the mobile application to check your balance and check locations that accept or make payments from Dwolla near you. 

Creating a Dwolla account is very easy and requires you to follow some simple steps. This article will take you through the process of creating a Dwolla account and also show you some of the features and benefits of Dwolla Sign Up that makes it a unique payment platform.

Benefits/ Features of Dwolla

The benefits of using Dwolla as a payment platform include:

  1. Dwolla offers users a low cost of processing payments unlike using credit cards.
  2. You can also add funds to your Dwolla account to save you the time to make payments. You can transfer these funds easily to your bank account without hassles.
  3. Dwolla also allows users to link their social media accounts to their accounts and then search for their friends or their contacts on social media and send money to them.
  4. You can also customize your Dwolla platform based on your brand and business.
  5. Dwolla ensures that the information and payment details of its users are safe and secured by encrypting them. And to add more security, customers who want to pay you using Dwolla must verify their account first and businesses can also get the chance to view the bank account of their customers before requesting payments and as such reduce the risk of getting insufficient funds. 
  6. When using Dwolla, you can set recurring payments.
  7. The Dwolla mobile application helps to make sending and receiving payments more accessible and manageable. You can also use the mobile application to view your balance.

Dwolla Sign Up Procedure

Signing up to Dwolla is very simple and straightforward. The steps to sign up to Dwolla are listed below:

  1. Visit the Dwolla webpage on www.Dwolla .com and click on ‘Sign up for Dwolla’.Dwolla Sign Up
  2. Type in your email address and a password that is strong and easy to remember. 
  3. An email will be sent to your email address to verify your account. Click on the verification line and continue.
  4. You will also be asked to confirm your phone number. 
  5. The next step is for you to type in your address and create a PIN number.
  6. Verify your Social Security Number.

After completing the steps above, you can then link your bank account to your Dwolla account to add money to your Dwolla account or withdraw money. You can also decide to also link your social media accounts to your Dwolla account to enable you to send money to your social media friends and contacts.

How to Send Payments on Dwolla

To send payments using Dwolla, follow the steps below:

  1. On your Dwolla account, enter the details of the person you would like to send money to. You can decide to send money to the person either by email address, name, social media handle, and phone number or by their Dwolla ID.
  2. Enter the amount you would like to send to the person and the account you would like the funds to come from. You can decide to send the fund from your Dwolla account or from your main bank account.
  3. Enter the PIN number you created during the account setup process.

You will be able to send money once you complete the steps above. If you are sending money to a person using their social media handle, the person will receive a message telling them that they have received payment and they can either click a link to open a Dwolla account and claim the money or they can log in to their Dwolla account and receive the money.

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