February 2, 2023
Lifesize sign up

Create your Lifesize Account Using this Lifesize Sign Up Guide

Lifesize sign up gives you access to an audio and video conferencing platform that produces technologies that allow you to connect with others using high-quality audio and video calls. What Lifesize does is to provide video, audio, and data conferencing technology to organizations in order to connect them in the meeting room using devices such as desktop or mobile devices.

Their job includes making systems for video conferencing systems and apps to work well together and also make them
easy to navigate and use. They also help to connect participants of meetings with each other anywhere they are regardless of the device they are using. Lifesize makes your video and audio conferences smooth and provides a convenient platform where people can hold meetings and training from different parts of the world.

One of the features that make Lifesize unique is that it is easy to use and easy to navigate and you can make your video and audio calls with just a click. Other features include high definition video quality, there are lots of tools that allow users to hold presentations with ease, video conferences are encrypted and you don’t have to worry about your security and privacy, you can also record your conferences in the Lifesize cloud and can also share them to be used later.

One other added advantage is that Lifesize can be used across different devices and is compatible for use in Windows, Mac, iOS, and even Android devices. To gain access to most of the features in Lifesize platform and gain access to Lifesize, you need to create a Lifesize account. This article will guide you on Lifesize sign up, how to gain access to Lifesize without having an account as well as other things you need to know about Lifesize software.

Features of Lifesize

  1. You can use the Lifesize platform in different parts of the world whether locally or globally.
  2. You are certain that the entire video conferences and data shared through the Lifesize platform
    are secured and you are certain that your data is protected and safe.
  3. Lifesize offers HD video conferencing to users.
  4. The screen sharing feature allows users to share their screens with other participants during
  5. Lifesize gives users real time visibility where they can understand other users and carry out
    other things in real-time.
  6. You can also use the Lifesize platform to hold personal meetings with ease.
  7. There are also tools available to record meetings and get back to it if you missed anything. Your
    recordings can also be stored in your personal video library.
  8. Lifesize has a nice user interface and it is easy to use and navigate without encountering much
  9. Lifesize can be accessed through different platforms and is compatible with windows, Mac, iOS
    and Andriod devices.

Lifesize sign up

Complete Lifesize sign up Procedure

To sign up to Lifesize, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Lifesize webpage on www.signup.lifesize.com
  2. On the page provided fill in your details such as your first name and your last name.
  3. Type in your work email address.
  4. Enter a strong password of choice. Make sure that the password you choose is one you can
    remember easily. Confirm your password by retyping it again.
  5. Click on ‘register’.

After clicking on register, you have created a free Lifesize account, you can then continue by clicking on ‘get started’. This will lead you to your device app store where you will need to download the application for easy use.

How to Join Lifesize meeting after Lifesize Sign up

You can also join Lifesize as a guest if you do not have an account. You can decide to join as a guest using your browser, your desktop application, your mobile application, etc. The methods and steps required to join Lifesize as a guest is listed below:

How to join using your browser

  1. Using your browser go to the Lifesize guest link sent to you by the organizer of the meeting.
  2. Give the browser permission to use your camera and your microphone by clicking on ‘allow’.
  3. Type in your name and your email address.
  4. If you want to adjust your video or audio settings, click on ‘video & audio settings’.
  5. Click on ‘Join Meeting’.

How to Join a meeting using the Lifesize desktop app

  1. Download and open the Lifesize desktop application on your computer.
  2. Click on ‘I am a guest’.
  3. Enter your name, your work email address and enter the extension of the person, the room
    system, or the meeting you want to call then click on ‘next’.
  4. hoose your preferred video and audio call options then click on ‘join’.

How to Join a meeting using the Lifesize mobile application

  1. Download, install and open the Lifesize mobile application on your mobile device and click
    on ‘I am a guest’.
  2.  Enter your name, the extension of the person, the room system, or the meeting you want to
    call then click ‘join’.

How to join a meeting through a phone call

You can join a meeting on Lifesize using a phone call by opening the email invitation for The lifesize meeting, calling the phone number provided using your phone, and then when prompted, enter the extension.

To schedule a meeting

You can schedule a one-time meeting on Lifesize by clicking on ‘schedule’ and then choosing ‘new one-time meeting’. Go ahead and name your meeting room and then enter an optional password. You can then send the meeting invitation to people you want to invite through email or calendar.

For any questions on Lifesize sign up, kindly make use of the comment box below or contact us and we shall respond to your comment or mail as soon as possible.

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