February 2, 2023
benefits of Adobe Illustrator

Benefits of Starting a Career as a Graphics Designer with Adobe Illustrator

Do you want to learn about the benefits of Adobe Illustrator? Are you considering starting a career as a graphics designer? Are you stuck on making a decision on the software to use for this task? You are not alone on this. One of the major concerns of every beginner in the graphics design industry is to make up one’s mind on the software to master. There are lots of amazing design softwares that you can lay your hands on. Many of these softwares would suit your needs as a graphics designer. However, out of experience, I would outrightly assure you that Adobe Illustrator is among the best of these softwares.

In this article, I would be discussing the benefits of starting a career as a graphics designer with adobe illustrator. Just patiently go through the entire article in order to understand the unlimited opportunities and options available to you as an Adobe Illustrator expert.

What is this Software all About?

According to the American Graphics Institute, Adobe Illustrator is a software application for creating drawings, illustrations, and artwork using a Windows or macOS computer. The software is a professional vector-based design and drawing program. Illustrator is used as part of a larger design workflow that allows for the creation of everything from single design elements to entire compositions.

When there is a task of creating posters, symbols, logos, patterns, icons, etc, lots of designers resort to Adobe Illustrator for executing their projects.

The first release of Adobe Illustrator was in 1987 and it continued to be updated at regular intervals and is now among the Adobe Creative Cloud. The benefits of Adobe Illustrator have been widely attested to by graphic designers, web designers, visual artists, and professional illustrators throughout the world. It aids in the creation of high-quality artwork. Illustrator has lots of sophisticated drawing tools. these tools can enhance the completion of projects and reduce the time needed to create illustrations.

What are the Benefits of Adobe Illustrator?

Out of the endless list of benefits that every designer derives from using Adobe Illustrator, I would list and elaborate on only 8 of such benefits. The benefits that you can derive from this amazing software include the following:

  1. It supports Vector graphics and not Pixels
  2. Integration of your projects with other Adobe products
  3. It has multiple artboards
  4. You can recolor your artwork
  5. Availability of the snap to pixel capability
  6. Fresh clean pages to start your artwork
  7. Live trace feature
  8. Availability of many templates.

Vector Graphics and Not Pixels

This is the most amazing feature for me. Everything we create in Adobe Illustrator is represented in Vector. This simply means that there are no pixels in your projects at all. The graphics are made out of paths and anchor points which make them scaleable to any size with no loss of quality. In other words, you can zoom into your work or even print them in very large sizes without the project losing its pictoral quality. Your work wouldn’t blur out no matter how much you zoom in.

Benefits of Adobe Illustrator

For this reason, all companies should have a vector rendition of their logo. If you have the vector version of your logo, you can put it on the side of a building, on large billboards or on your letterheads without any loss in visual quality. There are lots of vector based softwares on the market but Adobe Illustrator is the industry benchmark (standard).

Integration of your Projects with other Adobe Products

All the apps in the Adobe Creative Cloud work very well together. This implies that you can position your vector Adobe Illustrator files in to Adobe InDesign and interchange between the two Apps very fast and effortlessly. It is also possible for you to embed your Adobe Illustrator files in to an Adobe Photoshop layer and retain the vector qualities.

Adobe Illustrator files also function seamlessly with Adobe After Effects, you can import your files in and animate them in a variety of ways while you retain the vector qualities of the Adobe Illustrator file.

Multiple Artboards

If you are working with illustrator and you want to create layouts or stationary designs, there will evolve a time when you want to picture more than one page of a website or create an Adobe Illustrator file that has Letterheads, compliment slips and business cards all kept together. Adobe Illustrator allows you to quickly and easily create a number of different sized art-boards all in the same document.

You can Recolor your Artwork

This feature of illustrator is a really great, quick, and easy tool for producing different colourways of your designs. You may desire to show a client 5 separate versions of the same logo using different colour themes. The Adobe Illustrators Recolouring Artwork tool is very perfect for situations like this.

Benefits of Adobe Illustrator

Availability of the Snap to Pixel Capability

As an Illustrator user, you can take advantage of the Snap to Pixel capability. This attribute permits exact alignment to customized pixel boundaries for that perfect artwork. The Snap to Pixel options open to users include Snap to Pixel while moving, Snap to Pixel while drawing, with Snap to Pixel while scaling.

Fresh Clean Pages to Start your Artwork

Adobe Illustrator CC’s ready-made preset and built-in also allows graphic designers to create their artwork from fresh, clean pages. The details of these presets can also be customized, such as its orientation, name, and the number of artboards. Layout customization is also a feature of Adobe Illustrator CC.

Live Trace Feature

While working, you might be given a pixel based logo to graphic. Placing such in illustrator does not automatically make it vector. This is where the Adobe Illustrator image trace tool becomes handy. By using Adobe Illustrator’s Image Trace tool it will automatically turn your graphics in to vectors that can be scaled to any size. It can be a little hit and miss but when you use it alongside the variety of other tools that Adobe Illustrator has you can quickly and easily create vector files from poor quality pixel based images.


Benefits of Adobe Illustrator

With the above Benefits of Adobe Illustrator, you can agree with me that this is an amazing software. What are you waiting for to grab your own copy of the software? For more enquiry on this topic, kindly make use of the comment section below. You can also contact us via phone call or writing a mail.

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