February 2, 2023

About Us

About Tipdoe

Hello and Welcome to Tipdoe, a user-friendly and easy-to-use information website for internet users. Just as the name goes, we share lots of “tips” here that you will definitely find helpful.

At Tiptoe, our major goal is to provide random cutting-edge helpful tutorials, reviews on software and gadgets, information about credit card companies and how to hold accounts with them, topics on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, job opportunities, tech tweaks, lifestyle, and many more.

Our articles are very easy to comprehend for small businesses, bloggers, small-scale investors, tech geeks, lifestyle enthusiasts, job seekers, and as many individuals as may need such tips that are shared here.

Why Tipdoe? – Our Story

Onu Felix

My name is Onu Felix, a lawyer and the founder of Tipdoe.

The Tipdoe story dates back to 2018 when I first discovered the technology behind search engines and SEO blogging.

I was thrilled by the fact that I can share my knowledge on a couple of tech and non-tech-related issues with random individuals who are roaming the internet in search of such helpful information. This is simply the idea that birthed the hosting of Tipdoe.

Starting up this platform came with lots of challenges like sourcing the start-up capital, choosing a good and sustainable hosting company, learning how to make use of WordPress, SEO optimization, acquiring basic research tools, and many more.

Thankfully, the blog was hosted and is up and running today. I hope the time you’ll spend here would be worth it as my aim is to ensure that each visitor leaves with full knowledge about the topic that brought him or her here.

For further inquiries, Kindly contact us or send a mail to onufelix3@gmail.com. 

Thank you!